Come Eat with Wow! Des Moines Tours

Wow! Des Moines Tours appreciates the unexpected treasures of Central Iowa.  It’s our pleasure to uncover these and share them with our guests.  On Wow! Des Moines Tours our guests will learn something new, see things in new ways and be inspired by this community.  Say ‘Wow!’ with Wow! Des Moines Tours!

Upcoming Tour Dates

6/29 Des Moines Taco Tour

June 29, 2019

Taco tourists will learn different regional variations on tacos and do tastings at four standout taco restaurants. There, you will learn about the owners, recipes and history.  A private executive van from Majestic Limousine will transport our group of 15-25 people.  Group Discount!  Buy 4 or more tickets in the same order and save $5 on each ticket.

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7/27 Des Moines Tour of South American Food

July 27, 2019

Take a culinary trip to Peru, Argentina, Brazil or Colombia without leaving the metro area!  If you are curious to know more about these cuisines -- Or if ceviche, empanadas or chimichurri sauce makes your mouth water, this tour is for you!

8/10 Des Moines Tenderloin and Iowa Food Tour

August 10, 2019

Love a great Pork Tenderloin? Des Moines has some of the best and so much more culinary history!  This tour explores foods that were made famous here...And the restaurants that are keeping these traditions alive.  We'll learn about and taste Pork Tenderloins (of course!) and also loose meat sandwiches and more.  We’ll hit some historic places and some restaurants with a new take on traditional Iowa foods.

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What People are Saying About Our Tours

“Thank you, Wow! Des Moines Tours! I booked a private tour for my company leadership outing, after first experiencing the pizza tour myself! The team at Wow! Des Moines Tours are to be commended on their historical expertise as to all things Des Moines, their gifted storytelling and their ability to organize all the logistics and scheduling every step of the way. What a gift they’ve provided their community!

— Private Tour Client 2019

“Between Alessandra’s Italian flair I’ve always loved, and Eric’s knowledge and passion for the history in Des Moines, the pizza tour covers it all!” 

— Tour Guest 2019

“This tour was so fun and extremely well organized. We were not waiting for long periods at all for the pizza and had more than our fill! All the restaurants were very accommodating and the transportation was fabulous.” 

— Tour Guest 2019

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