Taco Tour

Des Moines has so many colorful and authentic taco choices. Come explore them with us!  Taco tourists will learn different regional variations on tacos and do tastings at four standout taco restaurants. A private executive coach from Majestic Limousine will then transport our group of 15-25 people (Cerveza/Alcohol is permitted on the bus).  You will learn about some hidden places to get great tacos and about the owners, recipes and history.

The tour begins at La Michoacana Mexican Grocery (433 5th Street, Valley Junction).  Wow! Des Moines Tours always come with a lot of learning, laughter and some surprises along the way!

JayJay with Tacos

What's Included in the Tour:

* Group Transportation to Four Taco Restaurants
* Tasting of Different Tacos at each Restaurant
* Non Alcoholic Drinks (Alcoholic Drinks Available for Purchase and OK to Consume on the Bus)
* Opportunity to Meet and Interact with Restaurant Owners/Managers
* Facts and History of Tacos in Mexico and in Des Moines
* Opportunities to make new friends
* Additional surprises along the way

Upcoming Tour Dates:

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